About Me: 


About me: 

I am a psychiatrist specialised in the assessment and treatment of adults, adolescents and children.
I am a Consultant Psychiatrist trained psychotherapist with more than 25 years of experience. My professional career has been developed working for the National Health Service both in Spain and in the UK. I combine my role as Consultant Psychiatrist in Spanish National Health Service with my private practice based in Seville.

Positive approach:

I believe in a positive psychiatry approach, empowering both children and adults to overcome any difficulties by providing education and support on their condition, along with a holistic and personalised treatment plan.
I believe that treatment for any condition will benefit most from a holistic treatment plan, that takes into account both biological and clinical factors. Mental health cannot be isolated as a set of purely biological symptoms, so any mental health conditions should be treated holistically with a whole-person approach.

Treatment plan:

When someone comes to me for help, whether it’s for you or your child, I will always ensure that I understand all the relevant symptoms and circumstances surrounding any difficulties. I will conduct a clinical assessment and discuss your or your child’s history to ensure that I have the full clinical picture before recommending a personalised treatment plan. I will always take into account your personal preferences when developing a treatment plan.


I believe that medication is a useful tool that can be helpful in reducing symptoms, but in my personal practice, I only prescribe medication when it is needed. I usually only prescribe medication in combination with other treatment approaches, such as psychoeducation about the condition and it’s symptoms, or in conjunction with therapy.