Why choose private practice: 

We understand that reaching out to a psychiatrist can be a daunting step, especially if you have never done so before. We pride ourselves on being caring, understanding and discrete, and want all our patients to feel comfortable the moment they come under our care. We provide a secure and relaxed atmosphere to encourage patients to feel at ease.

When public services are not working properly:

When you have any sort of medical problem you may choose to pay for the opinion of a specialist doctor directly. Perhaps you have been been through the NHS mental health system and you would now like a second opinion, or maybe you have tried to access NHS mental health services via your GP and found them wanting. Whatever is troubling you, we have a specialist psychiatrist who will give you a diagnosis, a considered advice and the best suitable treatment. That treatment may be by prescribing you with medication when appropriate, but could also involve advice on onward referral to therapeutic and behavioural management services provided by accredited therapist, working under our medical supervision.

Our location: 

Our practice is located in the Torneo parque empresarial, which is a complex located at the north of Seville at the following address: Torneo parque empresarial, Vilamar I, Tecnología 26, Office 33, Seville

In order to be seen, is mandatory to book an appointment by phone first. In case you want contact us, just make a phone call to the following number: 699612479