Location. Why choose private practice: 

We understand that reaching out to a psychiatrist can be a daunting step, especially if you have never done so before. We pride ourselves on being caring, understanding and discrete, and want all our patients to feel comfortable the moment they come under our care. We provide a secure and relaxed atmosphere to encourage patients to feel at ease.

You will first attend an initial appointment for a psychiatric assessment, where your Consultant Psychiatrist will seek to understand more about your individual profile of need. No two experiences of a mental health difficulty are exactly the same. Your Psychiatrist will work with you to develop and tailor a treatment programme that is highly suited to your needs. They can help you to access a wide range of resources.
Your Psychiatrist will explore your profile of symptoms, the impact they have upon your life, relationships and well-being. They will take into consideration your physical health and family history. It is important to share with your Psychiatrist what you have tried in managing your symptoms and help them to have as full a picture as possible.


Our location: 

Our practice is located in Spaces, Pl. Villasís, 2, 41003 Sevilla, which is coworking space, located in the center of seville. 
In order to be seen, is mandatory to book an appointment by phone first. In case you want contact us, just make a phone call to the following number: 699612479
You can also arrange a reservation at Doctoralia webpage.