Booking a Consultation: 


By booking a consultation and appointment with us, you’ve already gotten past the hardest step. The psychiatrist you see will provide a friendly and supportive service, whilst assessing both your physical and mental state. He will gain an understanding of you and what the issue is you’re suffering from. 
There are number of conditions that seeing a consultant psychiatrist can help with, so should you be feeling low, run down, tired or displaying any behavioural changes, then please don’t hesitate to speak to our clinician and get a consultation or appointment. We can help to assist you with life changing support.

Having someone to talk to that’s outside of your friends or family circle can provide you with that much-needed support you might need. Speaking to a psychiatrist allows you to open up and explore thoughts or emotions, without any prejudice opinions or judgement. The smallest negative thought can affect your everyday activities and behaviour, so simply talking to someone about it can help you break that negative cycle.

Main services: 

Psychiatric assessment and diagnosis. 
Medication plan and prescription.
Individualised treatment plan ( medication plan, psychological intervention).
Highly specialised assessment, diagnosis and management of mental health difficulties associated with physical health conditions.


Bespoke Parental Training (including the management of difficulties related to ADHD, ASD, Learning Disability, Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and challenging behaviour).
Bespoke Sleep Plan.
Cognitive Assessment.


It’s always important to have a thorough assessment initially so that you can be clear about what the diagnosis is and then plan the treatment that’s going to be right for you. So for some people, it’s going to be very important that they take medication. And for most people, there’s going to be a very important process of having psychological help to let them manage and come to terms of their difficulties.