Psychiatry articles.

Education in mental health is a good way to prevent the development of mental illnesses. This is the reason why from these pages it makes sense to make a generic analysis of the limits of psychiatry and its main solutions. Therefore in this section we will publish opinion articles, regarding the most common problems in psychiatry. Although these publications are reviews based on the current scientific knowledge available, our main claim is to offer an eminently clinical perspective. Throughout the several articles presented, we intend to help patients and non-specialized caregivers to understand the main mental health disorders, offering a practical view of the most frequent mental health problems we deal with in the society where we live.

Periodically, we will publish free articles on a multitude of topics of great interest to the general population, especially  focused on depression, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, eating problems or psychosis. We will also address the use of the most common psychoactive drugs, based on monographs exploring their safety, risks, side effects and indications in common clinical practice.

On the other hand, it is necessary to keep up to date on the news published on a daily basis in mental health, and the preparation of monographs is an excellent way of providing the best and most up-to-date care to our patients. We are passionate that anyone who is experiencing concerns about their mental health can access to our point of view before visiting us, in order to receive a more personalized attention from the first contact, in an easy and fast way.