When you have any sort of medical problem you may choose to pay for the opinion of a specialist doctor directly. Perhaps you have been been through the NHS mental health system and you would now like a second opinion, or maybe you have tried to access NHS mental health services via your GP and found them wanting. Whatever is troubling you, we have a specialist psychiatrist who will give you a diagnosis, a considered advice and the best suitable treatment.

Mental health difficulties are often a manifestation of health related, psychological or social difficulties. The difficulties emerge due to complex combination of factors including genetics, psychological tendencies, support network, environmental and social changes.
Treatment for mental health problems involves a combination of symptomatic relief, understanding of causes, improving resilience, identifying strengths and warning signs before discharge so we are better prepared in the future.
I use bespoke treatment approaches that work for each person using a combination of psychological and medical approaches. Identifying the best treatment plan facilitates the best treatment outcome.

Main conditions: 

We treat adults and older adolescents with all psychiatric issues ranging from depression, mood disturbances, anxiety, low self-esteem, attention problems, feelings of inadequacy, substance abuse, sleeping difficulties, relationship issues and work stress.
Treatment includes a thorough psychiatric evaluation and ongoing comprehensive treatment which may include psychotherapy, cognitive and behavioral therapy, and when necessary medications. We try to use medications sparingly and stop or reduce them when appropriate.

I offer the assessment and management of a wide range of mental health difficulties including:
Anxiety Disorders (Panic attack, Social Phobia, Agoraphobia)
Depression and Bipolar Disorder
Psychosis and schizophrenia
Complex Trauma, PTSD and Dissociation
Mental health difficulties in the context of physical health (Chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia)
Addiction Treatment
Anger Management Counselling
Bulimia Treatment
Grief and loss Therapy
Impulse control disorders
Insomnia Treatment
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment
Sleep Disorders