Online consultation

Online consultation:

Consultations are made online or by video call according to the client's preference. The usual connection method is Whatsapp but we also accept zoom or skype.
To complete the process, three previous steps are necessary:
1) Make an appointment by phone to set a means and an hour.
2) Pay the consultation fee in advance; at least 10 minutes before the same. It can be done quickly through Bizum.
3) Have technical means for the connection. It is carried out by computer or by video call, according to the convenience of the person who contracts the service.
Fees: 90 eu.
Time: 50 minutes.
Reservation: Feel free to contact us by email or give us a call to +34699612479
Online consultation

Conditions of the consultation:
An online consultation enables you to contact us over the internet. It saves you waiting for an appointment or going to the psychiatrist office. You can tell us about your health using a smartphone, tablet or computer. The type of online consultation you have depends on your mental health problem.
It is possible that during the first visit, the professional will ask you to identify yourself. You can do it using your ID card or passport.
The interview lasts 50 minutes plus five additional minutes, in order to check possible connection failures.
We will preferably connect via Whatsapp or Zoom, but we accept other formats if the client requests it.

The price of the consultation is 80 euros.