Consultation: what to expect.

You will first attend an initial appointment for a psychiatric assessment, where your Consultant Psychiatrist will seek to understand more about your individual profile of need. No two experiences of a mental health difficulty are exactly the same. Your Psychiatrist will work with you to develop and tailor a treatment programme that is highly suited to your needs. They can help you to access a wide range of resources. Initial consultations last for one hour and must always take place face-to-face. 

What are the fees: 

Initial consultation include 60 minutes with the consultant psychiatrist, a written treatment plan, a letter to the GP (with patient’s agreement) and a written prescription, if applicable. Follow-up consultations may be for fifty minutes. Telephone consultations can be used only as a follow-up appointment.
First Consultation: 120 Eu (1 hour).

Follow-up consultations: 90 Eu (45 minutes).
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During the assessment, the doctor will discuss your history and symptoms, in order to gain an understanding of your expectations and goals for treatment. A treatment plan will be discussed and recommended. Whichever specific path your assessment takes, by the end of the appointment you should have a much clearer understanding of the best course of action to take.
Private Psychiatrists primarily advise on and write scripts for treatment as well as some therapies (e.g. psychotherapy).  A Psychiatrist is different to a Psychologist whose primary focus is the use of psychological and behavioural intervention.